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FANDOM Creator (experimental)

FANDOM Creator (experimental)
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Here you will find guides, tutorials, help and more for our contribution experiment, code-named FANDOM Creator. For tips, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide. For the latest updates on features and challenges with the test, check out the The Latest, Known Issues and Out of Scope pages.


Right now, Fandom has three different editors that are used equally by contributing fans. We propose that:

a) an editor can be created that non-technical users can easily use

b) such an editor will have a material impact on the quality of edits

c) such an editor could reduce the need to support 3 different editors to 2


Turn on the experiment on a very small number of wikis, preferably with a small-ish amount of content and a moderate amount of traffic. Gather both objective and subjective feedback about the experiment's usage. Compare key metrics (session length, edit sizes, abandoned edits, quality of edits) to similarly-sized communities to prove/disprove the hypothesis.


Your feedback could help shape the future of Fandom! Please let us know what you think via our Discussions. [1]


Looking to play around with the experiment, but don't want to accidentally ruin anyone's day by editing a live community? We've set up Smile Wiki for all your sandbox needs. Feel free to do whatever crazy things you like there without worrying about breaking things for others.

  1. Image used under license: By Wikipe-tan without body.svg: Kasuga~commonswiki, vectorized by Gothika Blank template.svg: Urutseg derivative work: TheFarix (Wikipe-tan without body.svg Blank template.svg)  , via Wikimedia Commons